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These pages have spoilers, although usually in a general way. New players probably shouldn't bother with this site until you've played a full game. I mostly just describe how things work under the hood.

mf.i's DS Data xlsx with worksheets for this site

Death Stranding was released on PS4 Nov. 8, 2019, on PC July 14, 2020, and the Director's Cut on PS5 Sept. 24, 2021.

Clearly Kojima Productions put a lot of love into this game. I've found it very intriguing, but also full of maddeningly-long cutscenes, overblown story, and countless excessive interruptions.

I started playing May 23, 2021. After a few weeks, it seemed like players could use more insight into the game's workings, so I started studying the game. In July, I started making this site. I've worked on it four months now, and counting.

A shout-out to the many helpful players on the DS subreddit, where I am DistFunc. In the game, I am HelpToKnight.

Measuring Time and Distance in DS

Basics on Materials

Load Capacities of Sam and Vehicles

Boot Durability


Speed and Distance

Knot Materials and Bandwidth: Increases and Maxima

Timefall Degradation

AutoPaver Info and Aid

Data on Inventory Items

BB Likes

  • Bulleted list item

BTs, Catcher Fights, and Chiral Crystal Clusters

Mule & Terrorist Info and Camps

Tips & Tricks for Testing and Deep Play

Supporting and Miscellaneous Info

  • Mules: If you don't have official Cargo, they won't ping your location.
  • CXl use rate with Carriers.
  • Cryptobiotes. I have gotten up to 12 from a pile using Grav Gloves from a distance. See CBs tab.
  • Types of Cargo and their Symbols
  • Your Bridge Links info
  • Back-calculating Heartman's incident
  • Goofing Around in Death Stranding
  • Videos for YouTube:
    • Voidout captures in Mule camp and with Friendlies
    • Charging with generator

Personal Ramblings and Reflections on DS

Things I'd Like to Get To

  • Do Vehicles solar recharge when you Rest?
  • Do I mention my PCC/Structure spreadsheet anywhere?
  • Quantifying increases due to Bridges Star Levelling
  • Test if Mule camp cargo respawns if they're all dead. Or just some of them.
  • Did I copy truck stall info to BT page?
  • Test the various gloves (but how?)
  • Quantifying how much Urgent and Time-Sensitive delivery times affect score
  • Massage Spenjer1's spreadsheet of Order info more
    • Include the text columns that JohnnyWalker2001 left out
    • List of Sam Orders, and the order in which you meet knots in the required storyline?
    • Here's an incomplete list of Sam Orders, but at least it's all on one page
  • How to tell what Chapter you're in (screencaps of the load-game images)
  • Further research on vehicle battery times and the load curve. How do different vehicles differ?
  • Thermal Pads increase canteen effects, right? Do they do it if not cold?
  • Dead bodies and Melt/Pop boundaries
  • Get up to 84 HA SAs and get extended Trudge boot-wear-rate steps and vehicle speeds with hyperloads.
  • Calculate how much initial knot material reserves (half of L2 levels) are in terms of their KMIs.
    • Trickier than it sounds because initially you can't see some (even CXls) but those knows are still getting KMIs AFAIK
    • You'll need a system to track every single material unit ever added or subtracted until all mats can be seen?
    • And/or log the mat levels at particular points in time
    • Speed and blood loss vs load when barefoot.
    • At what load you get bloody footprints with bare feet. Maybe 0; see f_c videos at 25.5 kg.
  • Timefall refill of canteen - variability
  • YongYea's review of DC, saying driving has always been janky in DS. (Where to work in?)
  • Weights vs. things like Climbing Ropes and EX grenades. Can you figure out the decimal amounts here?
  • Test the boundary of when the three icon bars for fullness kick in. Can use HC Blood and the HG2 to get as small an amount as you want.


  • Private Room savegames load quick.
  • If you want to get Sam to pick something up and put it down a tiny way away without doing a lot of dancing, have him pick it up in a hand, pop into the Compass to turn him around (double-tap G), then put it down.


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