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Freelancer was (and still is!) a fun space exploration and trading game from Digital Anvil and Microsoft in 2003. I collated tons of info to determine the 44,293 possible freight-delivery transactions, and thereby computed the single most profitable route. Which kind of spoiled it for everybody (cough).

It was really fun testing and putting so many disparate elements together, including distances between systems, in order to arrive at a final answer for everyone in the game. Lots of interesting people, including critical collaboration with a girl in Tokyo.

Some files:

  • A 9.0 MB Excel file of every single instance of commodity trading possible, with profit by distance. Find the most profitable route, or build whatever path you want from it. Note all the tabs.
  • A 10 MB zip file with that spreadsheet plus all my other notes, player aids, and supporting files from back then. Many of the aids and some of the data are from other people. This is a big grab bag, often in rough form. A snapshot of the game at that time (the original game).

Looking for a Freelancer game? Check out this   (and archived screen caps 1, 2, 3, 4)

Plus - Kopikari's beautiful visual!     Click it all the way through (three times) to see it in far higher resolution

Kopakari's beautiful Freelancer roadmap

Cover sheet for the Freelancer Commodities Excel (see link above)

Freelancer Commodities XLS Cover Sheet.jpg