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See my spreadsheet pages titled Items, Guns, and Frags for info on these things. It also has a tab called PCCs with a complete overview of all data relevant to structures you can make with Portable Chiral Constructors.

The Items worksheet has ALL info from the Fabricate menu, for items that can be fabricated. It even has the order in which they're listed in the Fabricate menus.

It also has info on the Reward items for Premium deliveries, and other things you might carry (like EX grenades and MULE Boots). Basically anything you might have in your inventory except for Delivery Orders, cargo, materials containers, or other special mission items. Even the Mule Truck FWIW. It does not cover backpack accessories or modifications or anything else that's not cargo, per se.

Count of Types of Items

Here are some stats FWIW. All are from a finished Hard PC game and thus include, e.g., the Half-Life add-ins:

Class Fab Non-
Totals Non-Fabricatable Items
Tools 9 3 12 Chiral Ladder and Climbing Anchor, and High-Cap Blood Bag
Equipment 35 4 39 Mule, Porter, Terrorist, and Chiral Boots
Weapons 33 4 37 Custom Hematic Grenade and EX Grenades 0, 1, and 2
Vehicles 13 1 14 Mule Truck
Totals 90 12 102 GRAND TOTAL

Item Factoids

Empty Anchor and Grenade Containers Weigh 0.5 kg

One of the most interesting thing is that all climbing anchor and grenade containers weigh 0.5 kg when empty of their contents.

  • These scale linearly down from their full weight to the empty weight. For example, an EX grenade is 0.6 kg when full (4 frags), 0.5 kg when empty, and 0.55 kg when half full, even though you can't see the x.x5.
  • Sam's load in kgs (displayed on Inventory screen) rounds.
    • If you have two EX grenades, both with only one charge left (nominally 2 x 0.525 = 1.050), they both say they weigh 0.5 kg.
    • But if you drop one of them, your weight drops 0.6 because the total went from 1.050 to 0.525. IOW, it rounded up when the combined underlying weight was x.x50, then rounded down when it became x.x25.

Note that other containers like Blood Bags and Container Spray do NOT reduce in weight when emptied. They're always the same weight.

Weight and Density Factoids

Here's some info on weight and "density" of items:

  • The heaviest item you can fabricate (not counting Material Containers) is the Quadruple Rocket Launcher (Large, 19.2 kg). It's followed by the Multi-Rocket Launcher (Large, 11.3 kg) and Power Skeleton Lv. 1 (Large, 10.0 kg).
  • The items with highest density (kg/SCE) are the Climbing Anchor Lv. 2 (Small, 7.1 kg, so: 7.1 kg/SCE) followed by the Power Skel 3 (Small, 6.0 kg) and PCC Lv. 2 (Small, 5.1 kg). Past these, several Smalls weigh 5.0 kg.
    • Not counting materials containers, which are by far the densest. For more on this, see High-Density Materials and Sam Goes For Broke.
    • The Quadruple Rocket Launcher has a density of 4.80 kg/SCE (19.2/4).
  • The lightest items that you can fabricate are any of the Bridges Boots (0.4 kg).

Other Various Counts of Items

Other counts of various types of items:

  • There are 3 custom chiral items (boots, climbing anchor, and ladder).
  • There are 5 HG Custom weapons (Assault Rifle and Non-Lethal AR, Shotgun and Riot SG, and Handgun).
  • 2 Tools have two levels (Climbing Anchor and PCC). There's also a Custom Chiral Climbing Anchor, plus the High-Capacity Blood Bag and two types of Decoy Cargo.
  • Quite a few Equipment items have three versions (boots, skeletons).
    • Power and All-Terrain Skeletons have different colors (plain, Silver, and Gold), but the Speed Skeleton doesn't.
    • Armor Plate has 4 levels. It's the only item like this, unless you want to consider Custom HG a fourth level, or the Bridges Truck (BT0 to BT3).
  • Weapons have a lot of variants:
    • 2 variants of Bola Guns and Anti-BT and regular Handguns (the latter also has an HG Custom), Riot Shotguns and Shotguns (both shotguns have HG Custom variants), Hematic Grenades (which also has a Custom one), and Smoke Grenades.
    • 3 variants of Assault Rifles and Non-Lethal Assault Rifles, both of which also have HG Custom variants.
    • No upgrade variants for 8 weapons: Sticky Gun, Grenade Launcher, Remote-Detonation Grenade Launcher, both Rocket Launchers, Stun Bomb, Remote Stun Bomb, and the humble Grenade.
  • For Vehicles, there are 2 Floating Carriers, 5 bikes, and 7 trucks (when you include the Half-Life λ and Mule trucks).

What Does the HG in "HG Custom" Mean?

When you bring Peter Englert (a.k.a. Higgs Monaghan) the Final Pizza, his knot leaps from 0 to a full 5 stars, and you can make 5 new "HG Custom" weapons (Assault Rifle and Non-Lethal AR, Shotgun and Riot SG, and Handgun).

But what, exactly, does the HG stand for? AFAIK, it's not explained anywhere in the game.

Here are some possibilities, contributed by helpful folks on reddit:

  • Maybe it's just an abbreviation of Higgs:   HiGgs.
    • But that's an unusual, awkward way to abbreviate something. I think most any reasonable writer would've just said "Higgs Custom" instead of that. Or "HM Custom" (Higgs Monaghan). Or maybe worded it like "Custom Higgs" [Assault Rifle] or whatever.
  • Maybe it just stand for Higgs Gun.   Thanks, /u/jajajajaj!
    • But to me, this one's a little underwhelming. If it effectively means "Higgs Gun Custom", why not just say "Higgs Custom" or "Custom Higgs [Assault Rifle]" or whatever.
  • Maybe it stands for Higgs Gold, as in gold chiralium ammo.   Thanks, /u/Garamoth!
    • It adds that type of ammo to all five of his custom guns.
    • Still seems a whiff awkward to me, but within the realm of reasonable.
Frame Arms was series of original plastic robot figurines created by Kotobukiya, one of Japan's premier manufacturers of plastic models.
Each robot shares the same basic "frame architecture," with different external parts being attached to create an individual mechanoid.
The "Byakko" ("White Tiger") figure is a rare masterpiece based on one of Yoji Shinkawa's designs. The fully realized world and captivating story beind the Frame Arms series won it many dedicated fans.
Ed.: I couldn't find the text for Memory Modules anywhere on the net! So I typed this in by hand.
That's a lot of fan love!

Also See

Custom Models of Death Stranding Stuff

Here's a few things to put in your Inventory...

While looking into what "HG Custom" might mean, I came across:

Reverse Trike, by Kotobukiya

Did you know there's a 1:12 model of this? Made by the same Kotobukiya praised in Memory Chip 1? (Sculpted by Katsuhiko Hori.)

Kotobukiya Japan doesn't seem to be selling it (I guess they supply to others), and there's a recent apology for getting a decal wrong. But you can find it at Koto Inc. (their U.S. distributor) for $75 plus $12 shipping (for me).

It's also on Amazon for $90 and probably lots of other places, too.

Is that you, Higgs? I'm thinking... NOT!

Fem Ludens Gamer, by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya also makes a female Ludens figure in white and black.

Both are also sold by Koto U.S. White is $70 but sold out and black is $65 and in stock as of 1/23/22.

These are probably also available elsewhere. I snagged a depiction with Higg's mask.

The joints work and they have interchangeable parts, so they can be presented a lot of ways.

Keep on keeping on, Sam Porter Bridges!

Sam Bridges Nendoroid, by Good Smile Company

I also came across a DX Nendoroid of Sam Porter Bridges, complete with a big stack of cargo! lol

Made by Good Smile Company of Japan, Nendoroids are cute facsimiles of characters.

Apparently, DX just means "comes with lots of extra parts."

It's $75 at

Frivolous_Chicken Hotfoots it through Death Stranding

/u/frivolous_chicken posted a complete barefoot playthrough on YouTube. It's a hoot!

I noticed he used a Floating Carrier to put Englert's pizza on.

Turns out it's the lightest item per SCE you can have – so he could keep the pizza level, with minimal extra weight. (The Carrier was in his pack as cargo, and the pizza was level, on top of it.) To quote fc:

I started using the carrier as a pack filler for pizzas because you almost always, if not always, get one for each delivery, and it turned out they were great for that purpose.

The Carrier Lv.1 has a Large container and weighs 1.0 kg (0.25 kg/SCE). The only thing less dense is Chiral Boots (an 0.2 kg Small), but it takes work to get them. But frivolous_chicken didn't have time for Chiral Boots, blasting through a personal challenge and finishing the game in 28 hours.