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Things that didn't fit well into other pages.

Cryptobiotes (CBs) and D-CBs

  • It's my impression that CB hives come in three sizes: 4, 8, or 12 CBs.
  • If you come within 3m of a CB hive, they will flee after ~4s.
  • With Gravity Gloves, you can pick them off up to 9m away. Keep your distance and they won't flee.
  • I've gotten up to 12 from a large mound with Gravity Gloves. I don't think this is possible without them, because it takes a little time to get each one. Without the Gloves, I can only get about 4-6 CBs before the rest flee.

If you do an Odradek scan under 50m, the hive will show on your map, and individual CBs will glow for a few seconds.

  • The CB icon will disappear from your map after 2 minutes, much like Lost Cargo. (But Lost Cargo can be detected up to 200m away.)

When you make a 4-star connection to Heartman, you get a Cryptobiote backpack accessory.

  • Its description says "cryptobiotes will be less likely to flee, perhaps due to seeing you as a friendly presence".
  • With the accessory on, CBs will not flee at all. You can walk up to them, zoom up on a trike, even sit right in the middle of them for hours ... they don't care.

Comparing regular Cryptobiotes to D-Cryptobiotes

  • You can hold a maximum of 999 Cryptobiotes or D-Cryptobiotes. This maximum can be seen on the display of how many you have in the Quick-Equip Item Wheel (the 3 key on PC).
  • Regular Cryptobiotes replace 25 mLs of blood (and would take 40 to completely restore Sam's 1000 mLs). When you are injured and grab some CBs, you ingest however many you need to fully restore Sam's blood in one go.
  • You get 3 D-CBs for each Premium delivery to the Novelist's Son.
    • D-Cryptobiotes completely restore Sam to 1 liter for each one.
    • The Novelist's Son says the D stands for "dream" because both its taste and effect on you is kind of dreamy.
  • Since D-CBs are harder to get plus are worth more individually (relative to the max allowed of 999), most players probably use regular CBs and only dip into D-CBs if they run out.
    • Since you eat all the regular CBs needed to fully restore Sam in one gulp, the time it takes (on the Quick-Equip wheel) is the same for both types of CB.
    • It's not hard to max out Sam's regular CB stash if you try (it takes maybe 5 hours; see above), but it'll never happen with D-CBs unless you make 333 Premium Deliveries to the Novelist's Son.
      • Congratulations if you're the only person who ever did that, lol.
    • So players should use up regular CBs before dipping into D-CBs.
  • Neither type of Cryptobiote can restore stamina or fatigue. They only restore blood.
  • Also see this warning about losing Premium rewards when you max out a knot. I lost 21 D-CBs when I got the Novelist's Son to 5 stars!

Spoiler: Big Cryptobiote Score

The Matango Mounds. That's the Elder's hill in the background.

On the far (east) side of the Elder's knot (at X 2200 Y 500, behind his hill, not on it) is a huge group of Cryptobiote hives, including the tallest one by far anywhere in the game, at 14 meters (almost 50 feet). I've harvested 88 CBs from these hives. If you want to get them all, use Gravity Gloves and/or the CB accessory.

You will also find Memory Chip 17 for the movie Matango, about mushroom men in Japan. The description hints that cryptobiotes (or their mounds?) may be loosely based on this. For this reason, I hereby christen this mass of of hives the Matango Mounds.

By carefully harvesting them, I found that there are 7 mounds with 4 CBs, 3 with 8, and 3 with 12. (That's 7x4 + 3x8 + 3x12 = 28 + 24 + 36 = 88 in 13 mounds.) Oddly, the tall central hive doesn't have any CBs itself, but does have a bunch of small hives at its base, which makes it look like the tall hive has lots of CBs. (I bet the designers found this easier than designing yet another type of CB hive that was only used once in the game... it's probably a fixed landscape structure, instead of being ephemeral, like many other hives seem to be.)

If you want to pick the hives apart carefully (to count their CBs or whatever), I recommend using the CB accessory but not Gravity Gloves. So that you don't accidentally reach real far when you didn't intend to, but instead only get ones very close to you. This makes clear what hive they come from.

I also spent several hours trying to see when CBs would spawn again at a given hive (near the DC N MKC). I tried being a little over 20m (didn't spawn), a little over 50m (no luck), delivered an order and came back 2 hours later (nope). I even rested in a PRoom ... and the mounds disappeared!

So I have no idea how the (re)spawning of CBs and their hives work. I have to wonder if it's one of those things that occurs when you enter new zones, however the game defines them under the hood. Maybe like the random Chiral Crystals laying around, or even Lost Cargo dropping from the sky. IOW, pretty random and unpredictable.

frivolous_chicken suggests that testing should be done on a permanent mound (like the Matango Mounds) to see when they come back. However, this wouldn't apply to the ephemeral ones that predominate on the landscape, since the mounds themselves dis/appear depending on where you go.

Heartman's Resuscitation Info and the DS Timeline

Some trivia, if anybody cares...

When Sam meets Heartman, he talks about his 21-minute life/death cycle. You can see Heartman's scenes in this YouTube video.

Although he says 21 minutes, apparently he means "21 minutes in the real world". He actually has a twenty four minute cycle, as clearly shown by the timer resetting to 21 minutes when he wakes (1:53 mark in the YouTube), and the death cycles are 3 minutes.

At the 2:34 mark, he says he has "60 deaths and 60 resurrections per day." There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Divide it by 60 and you get 24. So that's spot on.

He also says it's happened 218,550 times (12:31 mark). Multiply by 24 minutes and then convert the minutes to years and you get 9.973 years (if one year is 365.25 days on average).

He talks about his wife and kid being caught in "the voidouts" while he was in heart surgery, around the video's 15-minute mark. And that was presumably the start of his cycles.

I wondered if this was a measure of when voidouts started happening, so I did this little analysis and then posted them for discussion.

/u/MisterCrowbar added a LOT of important info. Quote:

Voidouts have been occurring since before the Stranding - at least two, one triggered by a surgeon and another in Manhattan that killed the former president. The voidouts that claimed the lives of Heartman's family weren't the beginning or anything, even 10ish years ago would have been a while after they started.
If you mean "how long has the Stranding been going on," the answer is a big spoiler for the very end game. I tried putting together a timeline some time ago, the product is here (again, MAJOR endgame spoilers).

After talking with MisterCrowbar, I realized Lucy's Report #2 (Tips / Lucy's Report) says a lot more than I realized, once you know the bigger outline. (Thanks for your timeline!)

Everyone should check out MisterCrowbar's cool DS site

Other notes:

  • The timers that you can see in the cutscenes for his 21 minutes of being awake aren't accurate. The first one actually lasts 7:18 (1:53 to 9:11 mark) and the second one 8:20 (12:15 to 20:35). The 5-minute and 3-minute warnings are also not accurate.
That's Hollywood for ya, I guess. Heck, I wouldn't want to hear him ramble on for 42 minutes anyway, laugh.
  • The dead period is spot on. The game lets you look around for only a few seconds more than 3 minutes (9:11 to 12:15).
I put my notes on the video on the Heartman tab of my DS Data spreadsheet (available at the top of DS Data landing page). The notes are rough but have a lot more detail.
  • A little follow-up corroboration: In the Geologist's email "Saving the World is Bull$hit", he specifically says Heartman has a "24-minute life-cycle".

Goofin' in DS

DS ≠ Drunken Stumblers

Once you reach Timefall Farm and get the option to drink beer in the Private Room:

  • If you drink more than three beers (to max your Stamina),
  • You will get drunk (fun cutscenes) ...
  • And then you will never have beer as an option in the Private Room again, lol. It reverts to Monster.

If you want to see it just for fun, save your game just before getting drunk.

You can save and restore right in the Private Room via the Map on the wall.

Update: /u/DWTsixx says he's pretty sure you can get beer again in your Private Room by doing a delivery of ingredients to Timefall Farm.

Sam Pops the Lid Off This Thang

A goofy little oddity: If Sam is in a truck and hits Inventory, whatever is on his back pops up through the roof briefly the instant you hit "I" (on PC)... here's a little YouTube of it.

His cargo stack pops up with the Mule Truck too, although it doesn't have a roof.

This only happens with Inventory, not if you go into Map and then Cargo.

It probably relates to Sam's Sneaky Shotgun Space loophole, which regards everything on Sam as being on Sam, not in the truck (contributing to the truck's load) ... even though it obviously actually is in the truck (visually).