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This info was initially lifted from dragonfyre13's Auto-Paver Material Hauling Calculator/Spreadsheet, whose original spreadsheet is here. A fantastic job! I wouldn't have even thought to calculate the actual cargo (Need) sizes.

I've added all missing highway segments and a few more columns and summary numbers.

Some stats for all 40 auto-paver segments. These are not reduced by others' contributions, which would vary from game to game. Values are in cgs for CXls and hgs (kg*10) for Metal and Ceramics, just like the Autopaver asks for:

Stat Chiral
Metal Ceramics M+C
Paver Cargo Paver Cargo Cargo
Minimum 150 800 800 600 600 1,400
Average 1,035 2,784 2,801 2,636 2,643 5,444
Maximum 5,805 9,600 9,600 9,450 9,480 19,080
Sum 41,416 111,360 112,050 105,450 105,720 217,770
Paver is what the Auto-paver asks for; Cargo is the slightly larger amount you sometimes have to deliver because you can't get any smaller units. Doesn't apply to CXls because they use exact amounts.
M+C is if you added the Metal and Ceramics cargo columns together. It's kind of abstract as a summary statistic, but still, you have to bring both to any given highway segment.

The single-highest load by far is for Auto-Paver 41-18, just by the Plains Camp. Indeed, the Maximum row is what's needed for this segment.

Paver Behaviour & Online Contributions

  • When playing online, road pavers will receive road rebuilding materials from other active players. If the road is complete, the online contributions go towards repairs. Whenever you start the game and/or log into online mode, you are "matched" with various other active players to ensure that you always receive some.
    • That said, online contributions to roads can vary significantly from playthrough to playthrough. The earliest segments in the game may receive enough contributions that roads are built without any of your own work, but later roads may feel like you have to do everything yourself.
    • Online road contributions tend to be highest during sale periods of the game.
    • Even for the late game road sections, online road contributions are very often enough to keep your roads in good repair.
      • The Director's Cut seems to have a certain threshold where road durability must be below 40-50% before they will receive online repairs. This give you the opportunity to contribute your own repairs if you desire the extra online Likes.
  • Online contributions are always some fraction of what others contributed, and always even across the three types of materials. E.G. 20% of total metals, 20% of total ceramics, and 20% of total crystals. This is easy to confirm by doing percent calculations on autopavers that already have some contributions.
    • Because it's fraction based, the amounts may not be what is achievable with claimed materials. E.G. A paver may have 478 metals from online contributions whereas metals are obtained in multiples of 50. This will result in some negligible materials waste.
  • To maximise the amount of online Likes you receive from roads, build them from scratch before you connect the region to the Chiral Network and repair them when durability gets around 50%.
  • To minimise the amount of materials needed to rebuild roads, make sure the region is on the chiral network before contributing materials and rely on online repairs.

Autopaver Decay

frivolous_chicken did some research and found:

  • APs lose health at about 100 Durability per minute
  • Not sure if it's for all structures and may vary depending on timefall
  • You can't add materials until its health reaches 89%

Calculating Your Contributions

Under Bridge Links / Structures / "Materials Contributed to Rebuilding Roads" is a value you can use to estimate how much you contributed. Compare the table below:

  • The first row uses the Sum values for Cargo (from the table above). So it shows the total materials needed to make all Autopavers if you did it all by yourself.
  • Plug your actual Materials Contributed value into the cell shown in yellow. (This is my value for my second game.)
  • Compare your total Contribution to the 100% value right above it to get your Percent contributed (to the right), then...
  • ... use that percent against the individual values, to see how much you contributed of each type of material.

This approach should be more or less sound, because when others contribute, they always contribute in even percents across the board (for all three materials), as explained above.

I can't guarantee this approach is perfect; there could be some small rounding errors or whatever. But it should be pretty damn close. And it's real easy to do.

Calculating your Contributions
using Bridge Links / Structures / "Materials Contributed to Rebuilding Roads"
Autopaver Contributions CXls Metal Cerams Total Percent
For 100%, Cargo values 41,416 112,050 105,720 259,186 100.0%
My "Contributed" 29,835 80,718 76,158 186,712 72.0%

For my second game, other players only did three segments completely, and they contributed to 19 others. So I did 18 of the 40 all by myself (40-19-3). In total, I contributed 72% of the 259k total materials needed.

If you repair autopavers, Materials Contributed will reflect any additional materials. Which is to say, if you want the best estimate of how much you helped initially make autopavers, you should 1) not repair any until all autopavers in your game have been built, and then 2) write down the Materials Contributed value right at that point, so you can use it for calculations. Then you can proceed to repair all you want, and use the difference between the two values to compute how much additional material you contributed to repairs.

Also, if you've been using the Autopaver Aid spreadsheet (at top of DS Data home page), it will remember the amounts you contribute for each segment, and you can compare this to the Materials Contributed total when they're all done. (Check the Autopaver-Example worksheet for how to do this.) Then you'll find out how accurate your own notes are (laugh) and/or how well the Autopaver spreadsheet really works in this regard. (I personally haven't played a whole game through using it like this; I made it on my second playthrough and haven't played another game since then. Yet.)