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Notes from the road while playing Witcher 3 Wild Hunt -



  • Horrible character control; constantly hitting tiny obstacles that make no sense in real life when trying to move fast around opponents.
  • "Active battle sense" tries to move you toward aggressor when you often want to move away. Maybe I am missing what's going on but it's tough to understand Alt-S (roll backwards) simultaneously moving perspective so you see bad guy again, plus roll you into his face. What ever happened to backwards meaning backward?
    • I cannot tell you how many times I'm trying to run away but No, perspective swings around so I'm RUNNING TOWARD THAT LETHAL BEAST.
    • Incredibly, it often slows you at the precise moment you want to run. Are the designers truly just fucking with us?
  • When you first hit your worst monsters, like Keira's golems, it seems ludicrously cruel.
  • Maybe this game is controllable on some platform besides the PC (see above), but you're always stumbling about on the PC. If you approach something right straight on, you overshoot it. So you have to awkwardly back up. Try again, probably overshoot. I'm talking about Loot here but still - come on guys.


  • Suffers from "You cannot save your game right now"; if only you had waited 0.2 seconds, you could have saved your game - it had to do some g.d. tiny game thing. So you, as a real person, lost 5 seconds, in the mix. About a thousand times.
This is probably a multi thread thing but one where you have to ask the designers to tone down some game tune playout its 3.47 seconds and let a person just damn save.
No, I hear your objections, game designers.
And I damn every single one. Make a good game, not a designer-creep game.
  • Why isn't "fast travel" available everywhere, from anywhere I have discovered? Okay, Projekt Red, make me spend tons of personal time running around. I guess you love realism. I like time itself.
  • People should be able to Escape from every single menu (except special ones).
Don't make me have to wait and hit Escape plus "2" or "3" or "4" for every single g.d. conversation with 10,000 NPCs everywhere. JUST MAKE ESCAPE BE ESCAPE.
This is not a particularly high requirement. Wth.


  • I can't remember a game that makes you find map markers, then have to go back to one near you, to go to the others. All other games let you zoom to markers you know, without stumbling about. It seriously takes 30 to 120 seconds to go back to a Fast Marker. No other game does that.
  • While there is a fun little internal card game called Gwent, when you win and get a card from someone, the info (H) seems set up to not tell you what you got, where. I'm doing other things In Real Life while playing Gwent. If I miss the result for an instant, I'm lost. What faction? What type? You have to learn to carefully go back through EVERYTHING to see what you got. Cha, dudes. Just lay it out!



  • The bad experience of a full-frontal simple attack is replaced by a realization that there are many ways to roll and hit.
  • After a week of play it becomes clear that it has lots of depth.
  • I would never have expected the in-game card game Gwent to have been so much fun. But now I live for a good new card.


  • Everybody knew going in that Witcher 3 would have a few sexy witches. Glad to say we were not failed there.

Just only started

I just only started on this game as of this writing (9/9/17) and it's clear that this game has a thousand miles to go, and all the while I'll be figuring out how to best it.

I am now seeing hundreds of questions marks on the larger continent map. Each of which will probably be fun to hit.

Loving it.

Many cheers to game designers CD Projekt RED, a Polish crew that has a lot of power but never polishes it like Blizzard.

P.S. Projekt RED, let down your GOG morals. You'll survive the Steamy atmosphere.