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Legend of Grimrock 2 (Wikipedia) is a fun little adventure/puzzle game I played ca. November 2014.

Throughout the game, you can find food of various types. I wondered which ones were best to hold on to, in terms of amount of food ("nutrition") per weight. There's not a lot of information out there on this little game, so I made a table myself. Then I found somebody with a bit of Grimrock stuff on their site, that said they'd publish it. So I put this together and sent it to them.

And they promptly never published it. Sigh. Another micro-debacle.

Here it is, for what it's worth. Will anyone ever use it, or is Grimrock 2 now lost to the past?

Table full of Food

Grimrock 2 food has two parameters, as seen in this table sorted on weight then nutrition. The nutrition percents were taken from pixel counts of screencapped food info, and may be off a point or two. All data from Legend of Grimrock II version 2.1.18 (November 2014).

Food Weight Nutrition Density Drop Frequency
Toad Tongue 2.4 55% 22.9 Yes 5
Snake Tail 2.4 55% 22.9 Yes 4
Herder Cap 1.8 53% 29.4 Yes 4
Turtle Steak 1.8 52% 28.9 Yes 8
Warg Meat 1.5 50% 33.3 Yes 7
Mole Jerky 1.4 45% 32.1 2
Baked Maggot 1.1 40% 36.4 2
Blueberry Pie 1.0 100% 100.0 1
Bread 1.0 47% 47.0 6
Turtle Egg 1.0 46% 46.0 5
Pitroot Bread 1.0 45% 45.0 3
Salted Sausage 1.0 40% 40.0 3
Cheese 1.0 35% 35.0 6
Smoked Sea Bass 1.0 34% 34.0 5
Silver Roach 1.0 30% 30.0 Yes 9
Burrow Rat Shank 0.8 20% 25.0 3
Horned Fruit 0.7 25% 35.7 4
Lizard on a Stick 0.5 30% 60.0 4
Boiled Crag Beetle 0.5 30% 60.0 2
Borra 0.1 30% 300.0 4

Nutrition is your percent full (of food); 100 fills a party member's Food bar. This is true for all classes (although the Food bar runs down faster for some). The bar turns yellow at ~33%.

Density is nutrition divided by weight; higher values pack more nutrition per kilogram. Borra is densest due to its extremely light weight.

Dropped items appear when a creature is killed. You can get more by hunting.

Frequency is a general indicator of how often it is found. There is only one Blueberry Pie in the game, but Silver Roach fish are possibly the most abundant food.

Eat Right

Weight versus nutrition. A mouthful.

Since all but Blueberry Pie have 55% Nutrition at most, you can eat anything but Pie at yellow without fear of wasting food. At Quad HD resolution (2560x1440), the 45% full Food mark is over the "r" in Protection; you can top off with anything but Pie at "r" without waste. A ruler held to your screen and a little calculation will show whether "r" works for you, too.

For the record: You can count Food pixels in two places. One is on the Food itself. The other is to see how much it changes the characters' Food bars. But I found that the Food bars only have about 50% more pixels (144 for max width of food info bar, 214 for full width of character Food bar at Quad HD resolution, 2560x1440). This 50% more doesn't add much... you really need 5 or 10 times more pixels for a truly significant increase in accuracy. So I didn't bother with the character Food bars.

Generally, you want to use less dense foods first in order to keep weight down. But if your party is strong or weight is less of a concern, you might eat food with less nutrition first to reduce inventory clutter.

A chart of food weight versus nutrition shows that food generally stays in the middle of this graph; almost nothing is extremely dense (upper left) or the opposite (lower right). Lighter food is usually denser, as seen by how the line intersects Nutrition above zero weight. But light food also clutters your inventory more.

You're liable to come across a lot of dropped food. Warg meat seems the best to save for last, out of the dropped foods. Tongues and Tails should be eaten first.

For a pack of screencaps of all the in-game food icons, plus the spreadsheet where I collected all this data, get this zip.

Bon apetit!