Load Capacities of Sam and Vehicles

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This one is relatively straightforward.

Carrying capacity in DS depends on both weight and size. Weight is simpler to show, but they are both important.

The Small Cargo Equivalent (SCE)

It's easier to understand size capacity when stated in terms of the smallest unit:

Size SCEs
Small 1
Medium 2
Large 4
XL 6 or 8

Sam and all Bridges vehicles (including the carrier) consider the XL equal to six SCEs. I call this the Rule of 6. Mule Trucks regard an XL as 8 SCEs.

Sam's Capacity

Basic Capacity

Location SCEs
Top of Backpack 20
Backpack 8
Total on Back 28
Shoulders (2) 2 S
Hips (2) 2 S
Toolrack 1* (S to L)
Bootclip 2 Boots

* Things you can put on your Toolrack:

  • Everything on the Tools Fabricate menu except Blood and Decoy Cargo.
  • Everything on the Weapons Fabricate menu:
    • All grenades (EX, remote/stun, etc.). They're all Small.
    • All handguns are Small and all other guns are Medium except
    • Both Rocket Launchers are Large. These are the only Large things you can put on the Toolrack.
  • Nothing on the Equipment Fabricate menu at all.
  • No carriers or, of course, vehicles.
  • No Material, Order, or Lost Cargo containers.

The Shoulders and Hips can carry any type of Smalls, including Orders, Lost Cargo, and Materials.

His utility (blood) and grenade pouch(es) carry their respective items, all of which are Smalls.

High-Capacity Blood Bags are a twofer ... double the blood volume, but same weight as before (1.0 kg). They could've been twice the weight and still be a deal, because they pack twice as much blood into one Small. Sweet.

And of course Sam can wear up to four pieces of equipment:

  • O2 mask
  • Gloves
  • Skeleton
  • Boots

So basically Sam can carry 28 SCEs plus 4 more Smalls of any type, and other locations are limited to specific items for Toolrack, Bootclips, and worn equipment. Plus blood and grenades in pouches.

This is true whether Sam is fresh out of Fragile's cave, or has 70+ ratings on all his Bridges star points.

Sam goes for broke!

For what it's worth, Sam can theoretically carry a max of EIGHTY SCEs:

  • 28 SCEs on back
  • 4 on shoulders and hips (have to be Smalls)
  • A Rocket Launcher (3 SCEs)
  • A level 1 skel of any type (Large; 3 SCEs)
  • 5 more SCEs as: Small O2 mask, Small Gloves, 3 Small boots (1 worn, 2 on clips)
  • 4 Small bloods in his built-in Utility Pouch.
  • 21 Smalls on backpack cover. Either as:
    • 3 Utility Ouches (12 Small blood) and 3 Large Grenade Pouches (9 Small grenades) or
    • 6 Large Grenade Pouches (18 Small grenades) and 3 regular Grenade Pouches (3 Small grenades).
    • You could give him 5 Utility Pouches (turn two sideways), but that would only be 20 Small bloods.
  • An XL in each hand (2x6=12), lol. Poor bastidge.

This would be a pretty wonky loadout for several reasons, especially with all the grenades and/or blood, and forcing a level 1 skeleton. And who wants to carry stuff (except for Mr. Englert). Anyway, there it is: 80 SCEs. Of which 28 can be anything at all. (The 2 XLs can't be anything at all; they have to be XLs.)

But for a more realistic max during typical play, players might carry a rifle (-1 SCE), a level 3 skel (-2), no O2 mask (I rarely wear one; -1), not have 2 XLs in hand (-12, laugh), and might only have, eh, 2 Large Grenade Pouches on their backpack (6 - 21 = -15). So a more typical max is going to be ~49 SCEs (80-31). Maybe just call it 50.

Increases due to the Delivery Volume level of your Bridges Star

Del. Vol. kg
0   120
10   125
20   130
30   135
40   140
50   145
60+ 150

You start at 120 kg carrying capacity and get +5 for every level of 10 increase in the Delivery Volume point of your Bridges Star. All Porter Grades stop giving increases at level 60. (Thanks, /u/MisterCrowbar!)

Skeleton Stats

They follow a simple rule:

  • Each type has a base carrying capacity that the level 1 skeleton adds:
    • 14 kg for the Speed Skel (20 minus 6 for the weight of the skeleton)
    • 52 for the All-Terrain Skel (60 minus 8)
    • 110 for the Power Skel (120 minus 10)
  • Then levels 2 and 3 of all types add 32 more kg carrying capacity for each level (they add 30 plus 2 for the lower weight of skeletons at higher levels).

Here's a complete table:

Skeleton Simplified Actual
Type Abb. Level Size Cap. kg vs.
PS at =
Cap. Δ Cap. kg vs.
PS at =
Speed SS 1 L +20 -100 6 +14 +14 -96
2 M +50 -100 4 +46 +32 -96
3 S +80 -100 2 +78 +32 -96
All-Terrain ATS 1 L +60 -60 8 +52 +52 -58
2 M +90 -60 6 +84 +32 -58
3 S +120 -60 4 +116 +32 -58
Power PS 1 L +120 - 10 +110 +110 -
2 M +150 - 8 +142 +32 -
3 S +180 - 6 +174 +32 -

The "kg vs. PS at = Level" shows how the current skeleton and level compares with a Power Skeleton of the same (equal) level. For example, an L1 SS versus an L1 PS carries 100 kg less (simplified), 96 kg less (actual). And in fact, these differences (-100 and -96) are true for all three levels.

I'm just showing that there are fairly simple relationships between the different types of skeletons and levels.

To put skeleton info into perspective, at the beginning of game Sam (with no skel) can carry 120 kg. He can carry 5 more kg for every 10 levels of Delivery Volume of his Bridges Star. This maxxes out at level 60, when he can carry 150 kg. (Once you get a Bridges Truck, punch out some big loads up and down Central's highways!)