FTL Autorewards Analysis

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Part of my FTL analysis

FTL: Faster Than Light (Wikipedia) is a fun little roguelike game (autogenerated random levels) that has a lot of flavor. You can get it almost free these days.

In February 2015, I did a deep analysis of the rewards you get, depending on if you win, lose, or flee a battle or choice presented to you (they're called Autorewards in the game files).

This info is best seen in the pretty FTL-style fonts of the FTL Wiki, where I crafted a very long analysis. I carefully entered 498 encounters into a database and compared it to the XML-style game files of which types of rewards the game said were due (Low to High of Standard, Fuel, etc. versus the eight game levels a.k.a. sectors).

I also made a very complete analysis of how movement works relative to the various types of beacons and nebula in the game ( Before / My adds / After).

Check it out. You're welcome!

Games - FTL Autoreward Scrap Level versus Sector.jpg

Autoreward levels (Low, Medium, and High) versus sector in FTL: Faster Than Light