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I love the Deus Ex series, but although it's so cool, it's always too easy. It is an example of how it's hard to strike a balance between providing options and being challenging. As I'm sure many have done, I take down tangos three ways from Sunday non-lethally prior to hitting the next milestone. Anyway,

Here is an Excel spreadsheet of all Deus Ex: Mankind Divided item data. Every datapoint tested, except the exotic weapons with blank fields in the sheet. It's more complete in terms of showing how many slots and such, to allow for extended "what can I carry most profitably" stance. I started with data from the DXMK Wikia.

As of July 2017, I am done. If I play through again, I will try to see how much of each thing you can find. It's a fun game but probably won't happen; too much going on in life.

Load Management

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided item data

Not a lot to say here since it's so simple:

  • Crafting Parts take two slots and this will hold up to 999 Crafting parts. Then it will start on another slot.
  • All ammunition (but grenades) takes two slots. Stacks hold up to 200 rounds. (Not every ammo type tested but it seems simple enough.)
  • You can put 10 grenades or mines (of any kind) in one slot.
  • Biocells, Painkillers, Hypostims, Neuropozine, beer and wine, and software all max at 25.
    • Unlike other items, consumables and software dropped from your inventory become a pile of individual items on the ground.
  • Grenade-Launcher ammo is really weird; it takes 2x2 slots. I haven't determined the max you can hold in one stack; 9+?
  • Everything else but weapons occupies one slot and holds infinite amounts, or at least, much more than you are liable to find.
  • If you have full stacks, consider selling them or dropping them at a good location. Any new items are going to a new slot anyway, and they're otherwise dead weight if you won't need them soon.

In some distant future, a clone of me would like to play this game all the way through and take notes of all the stuff collected. Then put it in my spreadsheet. For anybody OCD about getting everything, it would show which things you should concentrate on. Examples:

  • Should you keep a Sniper Rifle in your inventory when it takes up so much space? Just so you can collect a few more rounds? I really doubt it.
  • Machine pistols (submachine guns) are very common, but due to game rounding, each bullet is only worth a paltry 1 credit. So it would make no sense to lug around an SMG so as to stock up on its ammo.
  • Somewhere in the middle are the best weapons to keep in inventory so you can readily collect the most profitable ammo.

Yes, this is all very pie-in-the-sky because you can completely, easily win this game without firing hardly a single shot. But the sign of a good game is that people can play it all kinds of ways. The way I like to play is maximizing dropped loot. 'Nuff said.

Cashing in weapons - SPOILER

If you have a particular weapon on you (Machine Pistol, 10 mm Pistol, whatever) and click on such a weapon, you will get ammo for it, instead of the weapon.

Said another way, *IF* you want to max your credits, don't pick up weapons that you already have in your inventory. Instead, sell or slam the ones in your inventory into your apartment's locker (and do it later), and pick up ones on the ground later. You have to sell each individually. If you get, e.g., a lot of shotguns, put them in your locker (or some other nice pile), then pick and choose individual weapons to carry to a vendor as time and circumstance permit.

Sure it's a lot of work. It's how some people play: maxxing everything you can.

You can put multiple instances of the same weapon in your locker, but you cannot hold multiple instances. Early in the game, your locker is closer to the crime scenes you'll create. Later, you'll know whether you want to bother.

Anything left on the ground poofs each time you leave Prague in the chopper. Here's how the game goes; SPOILER:

  • Prague 1
  • Golem City
  • Prague 2
  • GARM
  • Prague 3
  • Boss battle - no chance to sell

If you want to super-max your collection skills for the helluvit, do this for me:

  • Guesstimate which particular instruments (weapons) you can have in your inventory which will max what you can collect.
    • for best results, sell everything you can before you leave Prague or Golem. So you have room for more. Keep good notes of how much sold, each time you sell.
  • Always hold that weapon across the above scene changes.
  • Tell me your max ammo loadout at the end.
    • Also say if you have the mod to allow for finding more ammo.

For the record, DXMD is kind enough to consider ammo in weapons at full price to whomever you sell them to. Said another way, it is entirely your choice whether you want to load a weapon full of ammo, or not reload a weapon before selling it. Either way, you get the same amount of cash. (Not true of other games like Stalker.) I myself hold onto ammo and don't reload weapons when selling them. Maybe I can break DXMD if I get to 10,000 pistol rounds, what are the chances.

Final Thoughts

I might have bothered to make a column for "worth divided by slots" to derive a "best items to keep". But given the constraints above, it's all too simple:

  • Sell weapons to a prime buyer if you can (Mikael in Hlavni 33 of Prague, or Louis in Golem City)
  • Otherwise, past keeping one of each weapon (if you want), if you want to hold onto things, store ammo in your apartment storage slots (or other convenient locations). For the simple reason that they occupy two slots. You will eventually only max a few of them (200 rounds). Any weapon mods you find and don't use or sell are also good for storing (they also use two slots).

I would like to repeat for everybody who will say "who cares about money in DXMD": Absolutely! You never even need to fire a single shot once to win this game very easily! Not even in the final boss battle.

This is about playing another game on top of DXMD, as it presents itself.