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Smart Home Tech

SmartThings and other Z-Wave and Zigbee smart-home tech.

Aeotec Multisensor 6

They pack a lot into a small package, but run through batteries fast.

Related Tech

Various motion detecting (night) lights

Make your house light up wherever you go (just like Blade Runner!) without expensive, clumsy smart-home tech.

Badger Recordall Model 35 Water Meter

Not smart home tech, but supporting data about residential water meters. Net finding: They work great!

Home Energy Tech

Efergy Home Energy Monitoring

I've monitored all my house's circuit breakers with Efergy sensors since January 2016. Efergy is simultaneously great and problematic.

Using USB for battery power

Wouldn't it be great to wave a magic wand and not need batteries? You can do it pretty easily with any old USB adapter plus a few diodes that cost less than a dollar.

Simple Electricity Outlet Energy Monitoring Gear

Floureon, Ensupra, P3 Eletronics... which is best?

Helpful Info on Georgia Power

They're part of; concepts may apply to anyone outside Georgia who is covered by them.

Georgia Natural Gas

For those served by the Atlanta Gas & Light area.

Personal Finance

PC Games Chronicle

My hella PC Games Chronicle page

Consumer Product Reviews and Data

A selection of my product reviews and observations. They typically have far more technical details than others', or point out the non-obvious. I often post reviews elsewhere, but put my better ones here because they often get buried on other sites. And I can update them at will here.

Amazon Prime No-Rush Credits

The U.S. Postal Service's Informed Delivery

Cuisinart Programmable 14-Cup CBC-6400PC Coffeemaker

Oral-B Pro Care 5000 Toothbrush

Fridge Filter Flow Rate

A simple way to measure how clogged your frig filter may be, and whether it needs replacement.

Home Improvement Tips And Observations

The Power Of Dilution

Rinsing your caulking rag as an example

Spirituality and Musings

For now,

Clinical Immortality

It is coming, no stopping it. I estimate it will be here in the 2050s.

A Poem for Mom and Dad

after the battle of Rabaul ... who remembers who?


For whom one might one be punctile?

except for dying,

everything's great


A little poem called All


3D printing, the best way to overclock a PC, and my Wikipedia work

Also: MediaWiki Tips - Reference notes for myself on wiki things I use. If it helps you too, that's great.

Contact me here or post to my forum for questions, comments, or to request wiki editing privilege.