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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Sid Meier's Railroads! HookedGamers.com Wiki and Forum Reconstruction}}
<big>'''Sid Meier's Railroads! HookedGamers.com Wiki and Forum Reconstruction'''</big>
<big>'''Sid Meier's Railroads! HookedGamers.com Wiki and Forum Reconstruction'''</big>

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Sid Meier's Railroads! HookedGamers.com Wiki and Forum Reconstruction

In 2007, I played a lot of Sid Meier's Railroads! (SMR... the ! bang is part of the official name.) I had loved the earlier Railroad Tycoon games. SMR was different (a bit more arcade-like, being realtime) but still fun. HookedGamers.com ("Hooked") had a good SMR wiki and forum to which I contributed heavily. My work revealed a ton of quantitative details on how the game worked. I made many pages from scratch; others were little more than a brochure when I first visited, and I turned them into textbooks. And I posted 139 messages to the forum.

Then perhaps October 2008 – forensics are hard now – Hooked abruptly dropped SMR. Hooked itself is still there. Its SMR forum was copied to SMRSimple.com and still exists, although file attachments were lost. But the wiki is gone, except for what was captured by The Wayback Machine. As always, Wayback only captured text. Graphics and files were forever lost, as was their edit history and many links to other Hooked info.

Fortunately, I kept all the graphics and files I used for the Hooked wiki (unlike Sins of a Solar Empire, sigh). In order to preserve all this work, below is the text from the Wayback pages, seamlessly restored together with my original graphics and files.

I stopped playing and working on Railroads ca. May 2007, although I kept talking in the Hooked forum past that a little. All of the Wayback wiki copies were made after that, so the text should be good.

Some of the links in my restored pages are gorked; they either go to <a gimped Wayback page> or they are simply <lost>. I only have the files and graphics I made or saved. And not every page of the wiki was captured on Wayback. I am the RedKnight or RK mentioned on these pages (my username then).

Restored Railroads! Ramblings

Restored Last


Views Wayback

Text Source



Maintenance 7/3/07 2,845 link 6/28/08
Resources 4/20/08 2,174 link 6/28/08
Resource Growth Illustrations 2/16/07 526 link 10/11/07

I stuck very close to the original, not the least because I am fuzzy on it. A very few, obvious typo, wording, and format improvements have been done.

Some links are gorked; they either go to <a gimped Wayback page>. Or they are simply <lost>.

Okay Pages

I contributed most or all of the text on the following pages. I've copied them down, but they're in okay shape on Wayback... so I'm just letting that be them, for now. They might look messy, but they have most or all of their graphics and files.

Events   This one IS completely lost! I'm pretty sure I made a pretty substantial page.
General Strategies
Glitches and Exploits
Hints and Tips
The Interface
Patents And Auctions
Real-Life Railroad Tales   partial
Speed Records and Named Trains
The Stock Market   I only did some of this, like Announcements

If they some day disappear, I can take the time to restore them from what I copied down.

In Conclusion

This was a fun game. There were lots of rules at work right below the surface that I don't think anyone understood, until I took them apart piece by piece.

Thanks for the inspiration for another great line of games, Sid Meier!