PC Games

Battlefield 1 and Total War: Warhammer

13 March 2018: I spent a lot of time on XCOM2 since December 2017. Lots of fun. Then went to Battlefield 1. And in the past few days, am trying Total War: Warhammer (1).

Anyone who knows games will see I deliberately am behind the times – a year or two since a game’s release – for several reasons.

1) Games are much cheaper if you wait a year or two. Get on the waitlist of IsThereAnyDeal.com and cut your game costs in shreds, if you can hold on. I think it’s easy, since there are far more games than anyone can play at any given time.

2) Games are actually better if you wait. All the bugs that the company was going to have worked out, will have been worked out. In a year or so.

3) There are far more online assists and other help. After a year, if the game was great, there will be tons of YouTubes, wikis, and subreddits for help and explanations.

4) Mis-steps are avoided. Sometimes games have weird problems when first released, like servers overloaded or digital-rights snafus.

I’ve been spending a lot of time since Christmas helping my mom, who is transitioning to a retirement home.