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58 year old scientist, Atlanta Georgia USA. Into PC gaming forever. For decades, have written deep analyses of games that rarely saw the light of day. This site is intended to change that. Also currently into smart homes and energy usage.

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Talos Principle

April 2018: Not finding a lot of games to play these days. Not when I’m waiting on ITAD for low prices ( It’s just as well. There are a lot of things going on at home. Mom moved to a new retirement place, I’m working on some natural-gas website concepts, and I’m probably becoming an officer in an old family company.

Battlefield 1 and Total War: Warhammer

13 March 2018: I spent a lot of time on XCOM2 since December 2017. Lots of fun. Then went to Battlefield 1. And in the past few days, am trying Total War: Warhammer (1). Anyone who knows games will see I deliberately am behind the times – a year or two since a game’s release – for several reasons. 1) Games are much cheaper if you wait a year or […]

XCOM 2 and Hearts of Iron IV

I tried HOI4, a PC WW2 board game interpretation, and found I did not have the patience to learn a hundred details poorly explained. Sorry, Paradox Gaming. So I got XCOM 2 on a $14 sale and am loving it circa Christmas. XCOM2 is much more accessible than XCOM 1, for the simple existence of flashbangs and ninja Rangers. My nephews dropped in for Christmas, digging on Metal Gear Solid […]

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